Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Many Gifts, One Spirit: VBS Edition

There be singin' here!  The theme song from yesterday, the song about gratitude, and now "They'll Know We Are Christians."  All my groups were singing them "with good courage" today.  It was nice to hear and share their excitement.  And they really took to the word on the street (compassion).

I find myself wondering what we are really trying to accomplish with VBS.  "Bible School" implies we are learning Bible stories...and we are.  But it is much more than that.  We are teaching about living after the example of Christ.  We are teaching about exhibiting compassion and gratitude and...  For my part, I'm not just teaching them songs that go with the word of the day.  At least I'd like to think it's not just that.  I'd like to think I'm teaching them something of what the words mean.

My own children have taught me that the best way to teach a concept is to model it.  So today as I was teaching a song about compassion, truly teaching the stuff of compassion was left to my action: how I treated them and how I treated the other volunteers.

That's the best part of VBS in my mind.  So many people, both kids and volunteers, and we demonstrate as well as I've ever seen what it is to be Christian.  Team work.  Mutual care and respect.  Reminds me of Corinthians where Paul talks about the many gifts and the one Spirit.  Each of us works in our own way.  Taken together, we are the body of Christ.

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