Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday: T Minus 4 Days

It's just a few days before we leave on tour now.  It's time for the final preparations.  Make sure everyone has their forms in.  Make sure we have enough snacks for the bus.  Sound system.  Everything needed for devotional.  It's time to focus like a laser on music mission.

And yet that's not possible.  Due to a scheduling anomaly, I find myself also needing to focus like a laser on Vacation Bible School (you'll no doubt read more about that as the week goes on...I'm very excited about it).  Final preparations for VBS must also be complete before I leave on Sunday.

Frustrating as it is, it's not uncommon.  So many forces require our undivided attention.  Being only one, and being human, it's not possible (much as we'd like to believe it is!).  One of Murphy's laws states that as time goes to zero effort goes to infinity.  I have never found that statement truer than I find it these last few days.

But tonight, rehearsal!  Youth at 6:30pm!  Time to cram those notes and finish getting ready for Sunday morning!

~Captain Cuatro

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