Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 6: It's in the books.

We are home.  Safe.  Reason enough to be thankful.

Unfortunately I didn't take too many pictures today.  By that, I mean I took one picture today.  It was Olivia.  She apparently woke up refreshed and ready to take on the world today, because she came down to the bus wearing anti-glare black on her face.  Caroline gave her some tea to help get her going.

It was a long trip back.  We made it around 9:30pm (we didn't stop for dinner, just the driver relay at the Georgia line).  That makes it right at a 12 hour experience including all our stops and such.

We watched Dead Poets Society on the bus today (along with another movie or two).  I was reminded of how much I respect what the teacher, Mr. Keating, is trying to do with his students.  He challenges them to think and to grow.  He is funny and profound.  He inspires his students to greatness.

As this tour comes to a close, it is my hope and prayer that I have in some small way inspired the youth--that I have challenged them to be more tomorrow than they are today.  At the same time, I hope they enjoyed our time together...that it was fun(ny) for them and profound.

Next week, on to VBS.  As last year, I'll continue to blog throughout the week.  Maybe this year I'll be able to get some pictures on here for VBS as well.  It should be visually nice this year, as Greg has built us a yellow submarine.

For now, to bed.  I have an early morning!  Good night.

~ Captain Cuatro

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