Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guest Blog Post

 Amanda Carter is on our trip as a chaperone for the first time.  She's been fantastic!  And she wrote a guest blog post!  Enjoy.

My first youth choir tour is coming to a close. I've worked with the youth for a while now and have gone on several youth retreats with them but this is the first time I have seen them in this capacity. Not only have I enjoyed watching them perform (and they are awesome) but I've gotten to see them interact with the people in the audience after their performances. During each performance, I have seen people in the audience look truly blessed by the gift our youth brought them. The conversations after the performance lifted my heart as I saw the audience AND the youth smiling and happy. I was especially moved during our two performances for older adults since that is my passion. During the first performance, there were several people that told me they were a little uncomfortable and not sure what to say.

After the second performance, I had several people tell me interesting facts, stories, and words of wisdom they learned from someone that day, The intergenerational learning and joy shared truly made me happy. While I have enjoyed all of the retreats I have gone on with this group, this trip has been my favorite because I got to be apart of the tremendous love they are spreading through each performance. I've also really enjoyed getting a chance to spend time with people and get to know them more. Due to other commitments, I am not able to be there every Sunday night so each trip brings me a little closer to our youth and that is a blessing in my life. I fondly remember the trips I took as a member of my youth group and being on the other side is rewarding,