Monday, June 9, 2014

Arrival Post: Hartford

We made it.  Actually we've been here for a while.  I've already checked the kids into their beds.  Our delays from yesterday followed us, as we were unable to leave until 10am due to driving restrictions on the bus.  Some rain and a bus stall (as in, the bus simply shuts off while we're driving) put us back a bit more, but we were in the hotel by 10:30...much better than last night!

Want to give a shout out to our bus driver, Wesley.  Same guy from last year.  He's great.  Once we finished our concert I just said, "stop when you need to, find us some dinner at about the right time.  I trust you."  He did a great job!

We begin an hour earlier in the morning...leaving at 9:00am.  If any of the kids ask you, we're leaving at 8:50am.  For now, all safe in bed.  Time to pick out the pictures I want to use for tomorrow's epic post!

Served in Mission:

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