Thursday, June 12, 2014

Guest Post

Wow. I could have sworn someone else did a guest blog once upon a time so that I could have something to go off of. No? Really? Dang.  [Editor's Note: There was in fact.  Just last year, I think.  Amanda Carter posted one near the end of the week.]

So if anyone is unaware, I have a co-op (read: internship) in Duncan, SC. No one knows where that is. It’s in Greenville. I live on exit 54, which happens to be the same one we (read: they) sang at on Sunday afternoon. I was in Downtown Greenville when I got the (15) text(s).  [Wait, what?  That's Pelham Road, right?  That's my brother's exit...]

Anyway, I pull into the parking lot and am still getting out of my car when the bus pulls up. (I may have had an excited moment.) I think I was very sneaky hiding in Chaperone 1, the bushes, behind a column, behind Jonathan before the concert to be a SURPRISE! I’m told by Andrew, Ellie, and Olivia, to name a few, that I was not so much.

I started the concert out in the lobby taking to some of the folks who decided the main room was too crowded. It’s amazing: you stand around and look like you know what’s going on and people ask you questions. So, after being unofficial spokesperson #1 for a few minutes (read: the first song) I snuck into the back of the crowd. Another song later and I remembered I had a phone and recording may have started (I missed recording Eric’s solo!). There may have been a few songs I sung along with.  One of the too-young-for-me-to-know girls in the back row soprano (Behind Rock and diagonally-left of Ellie. Cue John to insert name here: ) [Believe that would be Anna] would scan the crowd and catch me singing along and smile and we’d share a moment. What’s John’s email signature? “Speak with me and you are a friend.  Sing with me and you are family.” It’s true.

I do hope they counted me in that 37. Otherwise, add 1 to all their numbers.  [I can argue this both ways.  On the one hand, you're one of the audience.  On the other hand, you're one of us.  Tough call.]

I may have advised John where to have dinner after the concert. It may have been the exit I work on. Half the choir may have gone to Zaxby’s. Andrew may be considering NC State for school. I may be hoping he chooses us. I may be using the fact that calling me out made sure this happened so maybe it’ll happen again? We’ll see.

It was good to catch up with all of them. My freshmen are looking at colleges cause they’re about to be seniors and my sophomores just graduated. Time flies when you go away.

Break Legs Y’all!
In Christ, Kelsey

P.S. But don’t actually break legs, cause that would be bad. And John would never let y’all fly anywhere again. (Did I really just feel the need to put a disclaimer on a blog post? Gosh, I’m getting old…)  [Yes you did.]

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  1. Be careful with that whole break your leg thing Kels...remember what happened to me last year??