Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday's Initial Post

Well it has been quite the day.

Our bus is broken.  It had died a couple of times, but it had restarted.  Then yesterday the AC went out.  That's not ok.  So the company found a substitute that picked us up this morning.  Apparently we'll be with this driver again tomorrow, expecting Wesley back tomorrow night.  After the game.  We're sad and we miss him.  New driver's a nice guy, though, and he knows this area well.

Unfortunately our stationery is on the old bus because I had expected it back tonight.

This tour has become a lesson in going with the flow.  The schedule has been fluid.  The transportation has been fluid.  We've had to improvise and adapt constantly.  But today I walked the bus asking the kids if they were having a good time.  All said they were.  And I've talked with our audiences.  All of them have asked us to come back when we come this way next year.  We're doing good work, and we're having a good time doing it, even if we're not sticking especially close to the schedule I had initially planned.

That'll preach.

2 concerts today.  Great crowds, both (not just in number but more importantly in much fun to sing for them!).

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  1. Just remember, Jesus did some of his best work when things didn't go as planned. :-)