Sunday, June 8, 2014

We're Here!

Just kidding.  We're somewhere in North Carolina.  We've had a couple of slight delays along the way--I figure we're running about an hour behind where I thought we'd be, which isn't good when I had planned for us to arrive at 11:30pm.  But we roll with it.

Our first concert went really well.  Best first concert ever!  A good crowd for the place we were, and they really enjoyed us.  We held music, but I think we can go from memory pretty soon.  Maybe even the next concert, though that's risky!

Special guest!  Kelsey Beal showed up at this concert.  She's cooping in Greenville.  So nice to see her...and to see her singing along with half of the songs!  Probably could have given her a shirt and put her in the choir.  I invited her to write a guest post for the blog.  Now that I've told the world I invited her, I hope she'll do it!  Always nice to see other people's perspectives.

Gave a devotional a few minutes ago (not doing it at the hotel because of how late it's going to be).  Based it on the song "The Train They Call the City of New Orleans" by Steve Goodman.  Talked about finding relevance...the song is a mournful exploration of the various folks who seemed to have lost their relevance as the City of New Orleans was ceasing to run.  I commented that many of the people to whom we are singing similarly struggle with their own relevance or perceived lack thereof.  Our visit with them, then, is two-fold.  We affirm their importance (which is too often confused with relevance), and at our best we help them look toward a new understanding of their own relevance.

It was a deep devotional for a bus ride, but there it is.

I'll post briefly when we arrive with more details in the morning.  I have a breakfast appointment with my cousin and uncle.  At 6:15am.  Wow.  Whose idea was that?

PS.  Please don't be concerned by the time stamps on these posts.  Something's not right.  So you know, it's now just about 9:00pm.

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