Sunday, June 14, 2015

Friday Epic Post

We returned yesterday around 8:30pm.  I went home with good intentions of finishing up the final blog before I went to bed.  I went ahead and did the preliminary one.  Then while I was preparing to post the notice on Facebook, this happened:

That's right.  I woke up sitting at my laptop with the first part of the message and a whole bunch of equals signs.  Inspired by Hudson's persistence in the face of adversity the day before, I went ahead and finished up the entry and then went to bed.

Had a few things to do today, so despite actually being in town all day, I find myself writing on the blog around midnight.  At least that should lend it an air of familiarity since that's when I write a lot of them it seems.

We begin with breakfast and the minor miracle that is Xander choosing fruit over any of the sweet items that are available.  I really thought the world was coming to an end!  Have no fear, though.  Adrian took one for the team and made a waffle.  I wasn't sure what the green stuff on it is.  She said it was just something they had over there.  Maybe it's ooze.

After breakfast we made the short drive to the concert venue.  We had time for a proper warmup...and then we sat to wait for the concert time to arrive.  Well, most of us sat.  You can see here that it's been something of a long week, and choir members continue to fall ill.

Things go from bad to worse, and the singers started making all kinds of strange expressions.  Just get us to the end of tour.  Just get us to the end of tour.  Just get us to the end of tour.

Even this.  It looks like an innocent picture of three altos.  But Jerry.  What is that all about?  Well at least he's smiling.  Jerry has an impressive smile.

Family joining us once again.  Katie wins the award for most family at concerts.  It was nice to see Eric too!

And my grandparents came to this concert as well.  I'm a little nervous that she was telling stories the youth found funny.  No telling what she was saying.  Probably something about how cute I was when I was five.

My grandmother's estimation of the concert was that it was better than the night before, and I agree with her.  It was probably the best of the week.  And of course we visited after the concert.

Clearly the got the message that music ministry concerts require special preparation!

Before the last concert, I make it a point to tell the youth this truth: this is the last time this choir will ever sing.  The next time the youth choir sings, some will be gone while others will have joined.  It is a last chance for us to make music together, and it will never be the same again.  They took this message to heart and delivered the best concert of the tour.

For one reason or another the concert wasn't well attended.  Courtney counted 21.  When the youth got downstairs, this nice lady found them and said she was sorry to have missed it; she was looking forward to hearing it.  So the youth took it upon themselves to sing a concert for her (I was in the facility talking to management at the time).  This is great.  It tells me the kids really get what we're doing and why we're doing it.  She was very impressed with their sound and also their compassion.  I am too.  I had thought an audience of 21 might be too small for them, but they were just as happy to sing to an audience of 1.

When we stopped for lunch, they gave Mitch this bottle of Coke.  It had his name all over it.  While I'm on the subject, please notify the North that "Coke" does not mean "Pepsi," and I am offended by that substitution.  Coke is Coke.  Pepsi is wrong.  That is all.

We made our usual rest stop for writing, this year including postcards for people I hope will sing with us next year.

When we arrived at the church, Theresa and Adrian presented Wesley with his tour tshirt and tip.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: the bus driver can make or break the tour.  This is now the 4th tour in a row that we've had Wesley, and I am thankful to have him.  Love working with him.  Looking forward to the next one!

And that's all she wrote.  We unloaded the bus, and the youth left.

Before I close the books on this tour, a shout out to Tait and Katherine.  These were our two rookie chaperones, and they did an excellent job!  Returning chaperones Michele, Beth, Amanda, Brittany, Cindy, Paul, and Curt did as well.  And of course Mitch played well all week!

As is usually the case, I experienced an interesting array of emotions when the tour is over.  There is intense relief when I am no longer responsible for 50 souls.  And there is a sense of melancholy as well, a sadness that this good thing has come to an end.  I am, of course, already thinking about the next one.

Fare well, youth choir of 2014-2015.  Together you achieved great things.  I will miss you.

People Served Today: 22
Cumulative Total: 309 + unknown millions

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