Saturday, June 6, 2015

Palpable Anticipation

Ground control to Major Tom.  Ground control to Major Tom.  Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.  Ground control to Major Tom.  Commencing countdown; engines on.  Check ignition, and may God's love be with you.

David Bowie
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The gear is packed.  Final rehearsal with the choir this morning.  Preparatory meeting with the chaperones for lunch (at Melton's, which I usually refer to as "Decatur First East Campus").  Back to the church to handle a few final details and make final adjustments.

This is always a strange time for me.  I was standing in the choir room just now, looking at the empty seats, the equipment, the folders.  I am alone.  I know that in 14 hours this room will be full of life.  Thirty-nine singers here and ready to undertake our mission.  Some of them will be here because they have already learned that spreading Christ's love in the world is a joyful undertaking.  Some of them will have their first taste of that this week, a taste which I hope will grow into an appetite.

But not yet.  For the moment, I am alone with my thoughts, questioning and re-questioning everything that has led to this moment.  Praying I haven't forgotten anything (and knowing that I have!).  I'm excited about this tour.  As in all the years past, I believe that what we do this week will be important.  I believe it will be a statement about what it means to love and follow Christ in a world that has such variety in exactly what that means.  For us, this week, it means that we will walk into the lives of strangers and, at our best, leave them a little brighter than we found them.  May God's love be with us.  May God's love go with us.

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