Monday, June 8, 2015

Sunday Supplemental: Terrible Titan Tait

Tait (our rookie chaperone hailing from San Francisco Bay) took some pictures.  They were pretty good.  So here's our new recurring segment: Terrible Titan Tait.  [Editor's Note: If you have a better word to use instead of "Titan," please submit it below or via email.  Our creative energy is waning.]

Here are a few pictures that fill in some important gaps...

The look on her face.  That's what we do.

This is Tait's daughter.  So we have to put it on her to be nice.  Also she's great.

Even the chaperones get in on the visiting action.  Amanda (on the left) combines her two passions this week: our youth and the elderly.  Sadly, it means a week away from her new husband.  Sorry, Vince!

Simon is the only one who has finished his thankyou notes.  Dude is a machine.  A MACHINE!!!

That's right.  They're smiling while writing thankyou notes.  Love that.  Also, in the age of wireless, I've never seen SO. MANY. WIRES.  Everyone has to plug something in somewhere all the time.  We believe we're going to start charging $2 to plug something in on the bus.


  1. Miss you guys so much! Looks like a great start with no bus breakdown and no rain! Hope all your sheets were clean last night and you have an amazing day. Prayers for safe travel and lots of fun. Be sure to take Claire and Laura to Starbucks for me!!

  2. Cool - my name shows up in the blog! That totally makes up for the fact that I am without my lovely new wife for a week :) You guys are awesome; keep up the good work.

  3. I wish I was there with you all!!! Have a great rest of tour!!


  4. How about Tait's Telephoto Tales?