Monday, June 8, 2015

Sunday's Epic Post

Get your motor runnin'.  Head out on the highway.  Lookin' for adventure in whatever come our way.

(See bottom of post for rad video)

Like most days on tour, it was a long one.  A good one, yes.  But long.

We started our day at 8:00am in the choir room, where we warmed up to sing at the 8:45 service.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures of our singing in the morning.  You'll just have to trust me when I tell you the choir looked radiant, and they sounded great!  At the 11:00 traditional service, we combined with the Chancel Choir to sing Unclouded Day.  The loft runneth over!  We walked from there to CAYA, where we sang both Unclouded Day and Worthy to Be Praised.

Amanda noted that the CAYA folks clapped when I turned around and invited them to.  She would like me to pass along that now she knows you are capable of it, so next time she asks you to clap she will not take no for an answer.

First things first.  Many of you will remember that last year our bus broke down while our chase vehicle, Chaperone 1, did not.  The only logical explanation was that the Dashboard Jesus (DBJ) in Chaperone 1 protected it from all evil.  Fortunately Curt was able to procure a DBJ for our trip and properly affixed it to the dash of the bus.

No, I believe we can do better than that picture there.  See below.  You really get a feel for Jesus' moves in this one...

The choir was pumped up and ready to rock and roll!  After a safety briefing from our drive (Wesley again this year, who is our absolute favorite and a bus driving rock star), we were off.  Spirits were high.

We had to make a very, very quick stop for lunch.  I'm not sure if it was the food or how fast they had to eat it, but within about 15 minutes of getting back on the bus, they had gone from ready to take on the world to, well, this...

Are they pod people?  It was like the last day of tour.  All sacked out in there.  Fortunately for all parties involved, Jason brought aluminum foil.  Many of you will recognize this foil from last year, when Tric took it to Boston.  I'm told this is the very same piece of foil.  While I find that slightly disturbing, it gave me great faith that by the time the concert arrived the choir would recover to full strength.

Just in case the foil wasn't enough, Cindy gave her centering devotional.  She does this for every concert, and I'm jealous I never get to hear them (because I'm in the venue scoping out the room and piano situation).

Well, whether it was the foil or the devotional (or likely a combination of the two), the choir did indeed recover, offering a great first concert to a smallish audience.

A quick note about Xander.  He's the one on the left in the picture above.  At literally every concert, someone stops me and comments on that boy in the front row who always smiles.  Dude has smiling skilz.

Of Course after the concert we did what we do so well: we visited with folks.  Because we sang this venue last year, several folks remembered us, saying they made it a point to come down when they heard we'd be singing again.  It was nice to see some familiar faces there.

Speaking of familiar faces, always nice when family can come to see one of our concerts!  I usually try to get pictures with them if I can.  Great to see Katie's family as well as Madeleine's.

Tonight's devotional was all about being thankful, and we began the process of writing notes to thank folks for contributing to make this mission possible.  So many people support us throughout the year in various fundraising endeavors, and while I'd like to think it's the compelling script and high-quality humor that keeps folks coming back to the staff skit year after year, I suspect it has more to do with the generous hearts that make up the congregation of Decatur First.

I began by asking the singers to think of one thing today they particularly enjoyed--and then to understand that without people's generosity, that couldn't not have happened.  A few more instructions, and they were off!  If all these kids learn from me in their time here is how to write a good thankyou note, then I will consider it a success.  Of course, I hope they learn more, but you know what I mean.

We've got some good chaperones on the trip, and I'm sure you'll see more about them as the week goes on.  Here's a good shot of Tait and Paul after checking their guys into their rooms.  They swear they didn't coordinate their outfits on purpose, but I don't believe it.  This kind of precision doesn't happen by accident.

And with that, the day has drawn to a close.  Tomorrow we sing at the Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte before heading on to Washington DC.  I can't decide...will this be the day we watch Princess Bride?  You KNOW that's coming...

People Served Today: 20
Cumulative Total: 20


  1. Keep singing and bringing God to the folks...good day folks!

  2. I am happy things got off to a good start. Praying for the group.
    Hope the youth enjoy Princess Bride!

  3. Thanks for your contributions at all 3 services yesterday. You were in fine form and the people responded well. Here's a shout-out to Theresa and Amanda for helping people understand what Music in Mission is all about. Amanda knew what was coming when I called her name at the second service, having watched Theresa at the first service. As for Theresa, while she may have been surprised, she was also poised and perfect in what she said. So was Amanda. It's important for people in the church to hear "from" you and not just "about" you. You may know that both of my parents have been in assisted living for 2 years now. It's hard for those of us who can travel around freely to imagine what's it like to be pretty much stuck where you are. Most of those folks are hungry for company and visits, especially from a group of young people with smiles on their faces, songs to sing, and a eagerness to talk. So keep up the good work. Let me know when "The Princess Bride" makes her annual appearance. Oh, and "Frozen" too. I'll never forget watching it the first time with the tour as we pulled into Richmond last year after midnight! PS: DBJ are also my initials. See any resemblance?...I didn't think so.