Friday, June 12, 2015

Thursday Preliminary Post

We have arrived in Raleigh.  I have yet to check the youth into their rooms, but I will attend to that shortly.  Great day including an early adventure to get tickets for the Washington monument, an interesting drive down to Raleigh, and of course senior night dinner.  I'll look forward to sharing details of our exploits with you tomorrow!

We have several down with sore throat, low-gradish fever (sortof) and general malaise.  So many that at dinner tonight we had an infirmary table.  They were dropping like flies during the concert!  All seem ok, though I find myself wondering how far it will spread before it stops.  Just one more day.  We're home tomorrow!

Some good quotes today:

1. We're all south of something.
2. You're like my mother.
3. Sometimes I see ice cream when it isn't there.
4. There's a long line for the's not my fault.
5. I like my ottomans breathing.
6. You need to look like you don't feel well.

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