Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tuesday's Epic Post

This is all I have to say about this morning's breakfast.  Unfortunately, it's often the rule rather than the exception...

Our concert for Tuesday was at Covenant House.  This is a very cool place.  There's a van that travels DC every night looking for homeless kids.  They provide a place to stay, education, and work opportunities.  The beauty is that if a person follows all steps of the program, that person will wind up with an education and a sum of money to help them get on their feet.  This building is not a residence, though.  It's a center for them.  They live in apartments around the area.

It was a smallish room.  We sang during lunch, and like the children's hospital, people came and went as we sang.  Fortunately I have Hawkeye Lonsway counting people for me.

Every time.  Literally.  Every time we take a group photo, Andrew winds up on the floor in front.  I'm not sure what that means, but it's a little disturbing.  We're not allowed to show pictures of the faces of the folks we visited with.


After the concert, I asked the youth to grab the gear.  When all the gear was gone, Nathan was still there--wondering what he was going to carry.  "You can carry me..."

I don't think he thought this was really going to happen.  I'm not sure I did either.  He toted me at least 20 feet.  I'm glad he's ok.

Lunch at the Pentagon City mall.  Laura and Claire honor the tradition of finding a Starbucks.  They were a little sad that their trip did not include Carolyn.  I think Curt is also sad their trip did not include Carolyn since it meant he was on cleanup the day before.

After lunch we headed to Arlington National Cemetery.  This place is awesome.  Awe-inspiring might be a better word.

Picture of a couple of headstones.  The first I took because the soldier was Methodist.  The second is Audie Murphy of "To Hell and Back" fame.

This is our tour guide, Carolyn.  The loyal followers of the blog will recognize that this is the second year in a row we have had a tour guide named Carolyn.  Fortunately this one was as knowledgeable as the last one, and while we learned nothing about molasses, we learned a whole lot about the cemetery and also Washington DC.

Up at the mansion, a pretty overlook.  You can see the national mall area.  So Brittany and Amanda decided to have a which you can't see anything behind them.  But, as Amanda said, they know it's there.  Tait thought it was such a good idea he had a picture with Emma.  Emma and Tait are new this year, and they are awesome additions to the trip.

This picture is a little out of place.  If you take a look in the background on the right, you can see Hanna's shoulder.  It's not easy to get photos of her...I consider this a great victory.

JFK's grave and the eternal flame.

We also saw the tomb of the unknown solider(s).  (It is listed as both in different places).

While we were there, this guy got riled by some folks with their feet past the chain.  He stepped off the mat and calmly but firmly requested they remain behind the chain.  It didn't matter that the gun isn't loaded.  They complied.

Here's his relief being inspected.  Every element of his uniform, head to toe.  His rifle.  Good news: he passed inspection.

After the changing of the guard, there were two wreath laying ceremonies, each complete with the bugler playing taps.  That's her in the red hat.  The sentry that placed the wreath was the guard who had just been relieved.

That's a great looking group!  Yes, Andrew wound up on the ground in front before the photo shoot was over.  Also, WH Taft's grave is out of frame to the right.  Taft and Kennedy are the only two presidents buried in Arlington.

You may have noticed that I have no pictures of Iwo Jima.  We'll be going there tonight when we do our night tour of the Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Iwo Jima Memorial.

After a brief devotional (condensed version: our faith may or may not guarantee what happens when we die (depending on your belief), but it profoundly informs how we live.  The people who are buried here are here because of how they lived.).

After the cemetery we went to Fair Oaks Mall for dinner.  Tasty meal!  Coldstone after.

So that's the day.  As I write this, we're gathering in the lobby to head to the national mall, capitol tour, and a concert this evening.  Have to remember to tell the youth to find the Banana Republic at the mall...

People Served Today: 53
Cumulative Total: 165 + unknown millions


  1. I'm so glad that the group was able to visit such an awe-inspiring place (note to John: this is the better word). Seven Ways from Sundown is my favorite Audie Murphy movie #wishiwasthere

  2. Miss you all and honored to have made the blog post (you know I am there in spirit)! Prayers for continued safety and fun. So glad you got the annual picture of Matthew with all the ladies!