Thursday, June 16, 2016

ACME Richmond arrival post.

We're back on track, by which I mean we were a bit late for our concert in Richmond.  Stupid I-95 traffic.

But we made it, and the concert was outstanding.  Really, really good.  We got to our hotel in plenty of time, and now we're about to head out to the ballgame.

I handed out notes from church members to the kids.  The notes were encouragement for our mission work...and also a very welcome gift of $10 to purchase food at the game tonight (it's impossible to overstate just how welcome this was for some of the youth who need a little work on their money management skills).

Also happy to see Marshall Tumperi at our last concert!  He came to the concert and will be joining us for the game tonight.  Nice to catch up with him.  And of course I can't believe how long ago it was that he was singing in the choir with us.  Proud of that guy.

Anyway, it's about time to head to the bus.  So until tomorrow morning...

Cowden out.

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  1. Glad to hear Marshall was able to make it to see you guys in Richmond! Have fun at the Flying Squirrels baseball game!