Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Guest Post: Rosie and Anna get creative.

Rosie and Anna asked if they might give you their take on our Tuesday. I still plan to give you mine, but you'll find some, uh, very unique perspective here. There may also be some editor comments sprinkled in for good measure. Enjoy!

Today began with a series of unfortunate events resulting in a bit of a mix up. We were supposed to leave the hotel at 9:30, but due to a time discrepancy we left at 9:39. Thus leaving Anna and Rosie 2 Cowden bucks short of what we had when we woke up. [Editor's note: can't afford to make exceptions to this rule, ladies! 2 Cowden bucks is a small price to pay.] This was the beginning of our adventure.

We successfully left the hotel and got to explore the Baltimore Inner Harbor and the view was great!

While we were wandering the harbor, our group spotted what Anna thought was a space ship through an alley. The quickest way to get there was straight down an alley, and through some deep mysterious...grease? We're still not sure what this substance was, but it allowed us to ice skate on the asphalt in our sneakers! [Editor's note: I sure hope you cleaned that off before you got on the bus.]

The "space ship" turned out to be a concert hall, which was a very disappointing discovery. [Editor's note: Ouch.] We turned around to search for a place to eat and luckily found a way around the unknown puddles on the ground. Rosie, Adrian, and Anna found some dragon paddle boats in the harbor, but our time crunch prevented that adventure. Instead, we had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp. [Editor's note: Did you see Lieutenant Dan?] After ordering our meals to go, we raced to the boat that took us on a tour around the harbor. The bread on the sandwich was very challenging to eat, but was not a match for Adam and Nathan.

After we finished our shrimp sandwiches we headed to the upper deck. It was a very windy affair, but eventually our faces could be seen in the picture.

We saw lots of sugar at the domino sugar plant! [Editor's note: Based on your behavior you did more than see it!]

Of course we took the typical titanic picture. [Editor's note: Jack, I'll never let go.]

Rosie and Anna decided to relax and enjoy the view on the way back. Rosie's feet could reach the fence but Anna's could not. [Editor's note: Neither one of you belong on the back row. Ever.]

Bonus: we crossed over the [deep river] Susquehanna River on the bus ride to Philadelphia.

And after some very long travels, WE FINALLY REACH PHILLY!!
FYI: the geotags are the only reason we know where we are. no geotags=lost.

We also went on a super cool bridge on our way into the big city!

To finish our day, we took a quick trip across the street to the target for America themed clothes and 60 tastykakes. Fortunately we made it back in time for evening devotional. No more Cowden bucks were taken from us tonight! [Editor's note: Did you ask for permission to go to Target? Were you in a group of 3? Goodness, girls. Your Cowden Bucks Account is likely to be overdrawn tomorrow.]

That's the end of the adventures of Rosie and Anna for today. We hope you enjoyed our tales.

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  1. Rosie and Anna here. We certainly were in a group of 3 and our third was Kurt. Ask him about it and he can tell you about the tuna and peanut butter. No one is touching our bucks today.