Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Afternoon, June 11

Thank you for tuning in to the annual Music Mission blog!  I'm glad you're here.

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We had our last rehearsal this morning.  I had several out taking the ACT, leaving me to wonder why the testing people didn't consult me before scheduling their dates.  I admonished all takers of said test that this will only count as an excused absence if they score a 35 or greater.  All have indicated they will make their best effort at achieving that mark.

We are experimenting with several new ideas on this trip.  I'll reveal them to you as we go along because I think that will be more fun than laundry listing them here, but I will give you the first one.

Allow me to introduce "Cowden Bucks."

Photo at Disney World right in front of the Tower of Terror.

This idea brought to you by Bramantny, which is the collective that includes Brittany and Amanda.  They have the female equivalent of a bromance.  A few years ago, the chaperones awarded "Flair" to singers who were especially emotive and connected in our concerts.  Flair was buttons that were pinned to the tour tshirt and accumulated during the week (you can see pictures from the archive here and also enjoy some pictures of our current older singers in their younger days).  Anyway, the trouble with flair was that chaperones could only give out one at a time, which led to some hurt feelings because by the end of the trip so many were deserving.

Enter: Cowden Bucks.  Bramantny suggested that if we had something we could give out in greater quantity it might help, and this is what they came up with.  That's right, we're creating our own economy.  We'll be selling snacks and drinks on the bus for Cowden Bucks.  We'll also be charging for those who want to charge their electronic devices on the bus (ha ha!  Charging.  Did you see what I did there?).  And there's a contest for which room has the most Cowden bucks at the end of the trip on a per capita basis.  That room will receive an awesome prize.

Please do take a moment to notice the details on the Cowden Bucks.  That started as a normal $2 bill before I got my Photoshop clutches on it.

Would you like to earn Cowden Bucks?  I will give you $2 of Cowden Cash if you accurately identify in the comments below one of the changes I made to the $2 bill with the exception of the amazing photo, which is too obvious.  There are 8 changes in all in addition to the picture.  Marc Morgan?

Also, I'll award you Cowden Bucks if you can accurately guess in the comments why I chose a $2 bill.  Your hint is that you should remember that I always think in movie quotes.  Victoria Lawson?

Well, guess that about does it for now.  I have about 13 hours worth of work to do to get ready to leave, and call time is 8:00am here in the morning (which is currently 15.5 hours away).  Could be a long night.

Cowden out.


  1. Easy! "I want my 2 dollars!" [Better Off Dead]

    1. Have a great trip, folks! Be safe, be full of laughter, and be your best YOU.

  2. "This note is not legal for any debts of any kind." Very nice.

  3. Decatur, Georgia

  4. United Methodist Church, Cowden Name under picture, Director of Craziness, (Your signature),This note is not legal, Decatur GA, that's all I got...I even got out a "real" $2 bill. Mark Morgan?

  5. What they said for changes in the bill.
    Why you chose a $2 bill? Don't know unless from the 80's movie Better off Dead (which I didn't even know you had seen!) that has "I want my two dollars"
    I just want one of those $2.00 bills of yours.... :-)