Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunday Night, June 12 (er, Monday morning...but only by 30 minutes)

It will surprise you to learn that we arrived in Knoxville right on time, ate dinner, and got to the hotel in plenty of time to make our 9:30 devotional time and 10:30 room check time.  This, I believe, is a tour first.

We were, of course, a tad late for our concert earlier in the afternoon, but that actually worked out for the better in this case.

It was a great day for so many reasons, and of course I'll write a detailed post in the morning filled with celebrations from today.  You can look forward to learning about Curt's new close relationship with Jesus, a single concert that turned into two concerts, a new tradition about dinner on the first night, a great devotional...just on and on.  Oh, oh, oh, and how much fun was it to ride up a little mountain road in a tour bus?!

Ah, and you'll also hear about how our beloved bus driver is driving his bus for someone else this week...but also how our new driver fits right in.

Listen, y'all.  This is a great thing.  In all the getting ready and madness, I had nearly forgotten how much fun it is to make music with these kids and see so many faces light up because of who we are and what we are doing.

More in the morning.  For now...

Cowden out.

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