Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Supplemental Post

I'm sitting at a table on the shore of the Baltimore inner harbor.  About 125' in front of me is the boat we'll be cruising on at 11:50.  The weather is stunning.  Wispy clouds.  Perfect temperature.  Light breeze.  I'm going to sit here in this peaceful place and craft our worship service for Sunday (a single service at 11am that will feature a homecoming performance by this very awesome youth choir).  Everything is perfect and all is at peace.

Except not really.  Because I have made grave errors and omissions in my blogging.  Oversights and slights that, left unchecked, threaten to rend our merry band of chaperones asunder.

Because yes, Amanda loves Arby's Sauce, but she has never had much use for Horsey Sauce until Chris suggested it while munching on a Thickburger at Hardee's.  And she tried it.  And it has potential.

And yes, we did a dinner-themed game for roommate assignment, but how could I neglect to mention it was the stalwart Beth, a 7 year veteran of this trip, who suggested it?


It's remarkable how each person, singer and chaperone alike, contributes to the overall success of the Music Mission.  Not just in functional ways, like how Brittany has been keeping the ice chest stocked and Tait has been taking pictures.  Also personality and wit.  The bus is never the same, year to year, but it's always fun because the people make it that way.

Or, as Brittany said last night (reported to me by Amanda...): "It doesn't matter which way you fling the ice cream as long as it gets scooped."  Which doesn't really have anything to do with what was written above, but is a fun quote and a good way to end a supplemental blog post.

Cowden out.

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