Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This Post Was Supposed to Be Written Five Hours Ago

I'm not sure why I'm so late writing this post, because the whole day went very smoothly.  We had an easy morning, enjoying the morning at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, including a 45 minute harbor cruise.  Then we hopped on the bus and headed for Philadelphia, where we arrived in plenty of time for our 4:30pm concert (actually leaving us a little time to touch up some rough spots).

We had cheese steaks at this little place on our way back to the hotel, where the youth had some time before our 9:30pm devotional.  Today was the day to start writing thank you notes, so that went a bit long.  Still, on the whole the day went exactly as planned.  Cindy, you wouldn't recognize this tour!

And yet, all that having been said, I didn't get this post written until now.  It just doesn't make sense is all.

I'll load up all you ever wanted to know about Tuesday in the morning.  For now...

Cowden out.


  1. Ummm... didn't Virginia help plan the tour this year? ~Cindy