Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Embrace the Mystery

[From the 2017 Youth Music Mission Program]

The scariest things in life are the things we neither know nor understand.  They are the dark and the deep.  They are the things we can’t see, and they are the things we can’t do anything about.

Yes.  Give me what I know.  Even if I don’t like it.  Because knowledge gives the illusion of control.  If I know what is coming, I know—or at least I think I know—how to deal with it.  I can size it up and come up with a plan.  Still, we will never know all that is knowable.  There will always be things we don’t know, and there will always be things we don’t know that we don’t know.  Faced with the harsh reality of or ignorance, how will we respond?

Fear.  Fear of the unknown is an instinctive response, a product of our evolution.  After all, it was curiosity that killed the cat.  The less-curious cat ran away...and lived to tell the tale.  Fear keeps us safe and secure by demanding we stand up and fight or take flight.  Mystery is that which is hidden behind the shroud.  It is the twists of life past which we cannot see, and because we cannot see it mystery is often a thing for us to fear.

We were not made to live in fear.  We were not made to cower in a corner and wait for life to happen to us.  We were made to stand in the yellow wood and look as far as we can down two roads to where they bend  in the undergrowth...and then boldly choose one knowing all the while that we don’t know where either road leads.

The great mystery of life is how the pieces of our past will fit together to form our future.  Triumph and failure, celebration and sorrow, gain and loss—all join together.  God wastes nothing.  Faith in God is faith that love will ultimately win the day.  One way or another our past and our future can and will combine to form a testament to Universal Love.  Far from something to be feared, that truth—and all the mystery that goes with it—is to be embraced.

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