Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday, June 10: Coming Home

Today we got ourselves up and headed for the airport.  Despite everything we have gone through, this was bar none the most nerve wracking part of the trip because there is no margin for error.  I had a plan, but I expected it to fall apart at any time!

But it didn't.  Everything went just as it was supposed to go.  Except that Curt said Dashboard Jesus had a little trouble getting through security since he is middle eastern.

We separated into chaperone groups and got ourselves to the gate, where there was a nice background of rock music and this cool wall.  Those are legit cymbals, and they are my brand.

We set about writing our thank you notes there in the gate.  Some had to finish up on the plane, but most of them got done.  I've previewed a couple of them, and they look good so far!

Thank you note carnage!!!

We got on the plane.  I stood by the gate and counted everyone.  Mine were the last shoes into the jetway.  General seating on the plane, so I didn't get to sit with the group, but I did take a few pictures once we were in the air.  From the looks of things it was a good trip?

We pulled up to the gate.  I asked the chaperones to gather their youth and take them to the baggage claim.  I went on ahead so I could find a spot and get ready to check them out.

Coming up the escalator, the parents cheered my arrival, which honestly felt a little weird to me because the whole group wasn't behind me.  It was pretty much the first time in a week I've been on my own.  They also cheered when their kids arrived.

I texted Mark to tell him we had landed in Atlanta.  He texted back to say he was about 3 hours from "landing" in Flagstaff!  He spoke to us this morning before we left the parking lot.  Y'all, Mark is one of us.  I don't know how else to say it.  This morning, if he hadn't already, he was family.

Everyone checked out, so I didn't have to track anyone down...and on the way back home (MARTA, walk to the church) I kept seeing people...Issabel with her family at the airport Marta, Neil when we switched trains, Rosie in front of Noodle.

I finally arrived at home, and all is quiet.  I'll be meeting up with these crazy kids again in the morning so we can do up homecoming right at the 11am service.  I promise you don't want to miss it.  They sound really good.

And that's all she wrote.  2017 Youth Music Mission in the bag.  Just over 2800 miles driven on the bus over 6 days.  A 4 hour flight home.  Insane.

So long.  And thanks for all the fish.


  1. John, I read each of your posts as I followed your choir across the country. What a wonderful thing you all do to touch so many lives from the kids in the choir to the folks at the venues. It is no small feat to bring a group of 59 on a mystery tour from Atlanta to the Grand Canyon. Well done, good and faithful servants! God Bless! Lin (friend of Cindy & Paul)

    1. Thank you, Lin! Any friend of Cindy and Paul's is a friend of mine!