Tuesday, August 6, 2019

God Is In Our Mist (?)

Have you ever seen The Patriot?  It's that Mel Gibson movie about the Revolutionary War.  It's not exactly history (the genre is historical fiction...heavy on the fiction), and the plot of the movie reminds me just a little too much of Braveheart, but overall I'll admit I liked it.

At one point during the movie, Ben Martin (Mel Gibson) and his unit discover that the evil British guy has learned their identities and begun hunting down all their families.  He dismisses all of them to take care of their families and says that anyone who chooses not to return will not be considered a coward or uncommitted.  When the time is passed, he goes back to the Spanish mission in the swamp to see how many of them will return, and you can tell he's pretty sure the answer will be not many.

And then, through the mist (because Hollywood), you see a figure appear.  And then another.  Spoiler alert.  Everyone comes back.

Image result for the patriot spanish mission
It's a cool shot, though.
About this time of year I always feel a little bit like Ben Martin.  Back in May or June I dismissed most of the music ministry (including myself for a significant part of July).  And I'm nervous, because I've heard the siren song of the IHOP.  Throughout the year I almost forget how tempting it is to stay home or have a leisurely brunch on Sunday morning...and then I take a couple of weeks off and think to myself, "I could surely get used to this...why does anyone go to church anyway?"

So I send out notices that choirs are starting.  I put a note in the bulletin.  I send texts.  And then I wait.  For some reason the closer the start time gets, the more I worry that nobody will show up.  By about a quarter till the hour, I have convinced myself that this will be the year choir consists of me, my accompanist, and 14 crickets...if the crickets show up.
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Ok, everyone.  Please open your hymnal to page 57...

Through the mist, a figure appears.  And then another.  Not everyone comes back, of course.  Some have graduated.  Some have moved.  Some won't have time anymore.  But most do come back.  The choir room fills with music once again, and laughter.

I am reminded why we don't sleep in on Sundays or take brunch at IHOP.  I'm reminded why we go to church.  Because when we come together in community we are reunited not just with friends but with the Divine, shining in and through us and those around us.  And God is in the mist--and in our midst, just as the scriptures promise.

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