Thursday, June 4, 2020

Virtual Music Mission 2020: Things I Never Thought I'd Type

It is time for the Virtual Music Mission of 2020.  Months ago when the pandemic began, I was hopeful we would salvage a live music mission.  As days turned into weeks and months, it became clear we would not be going anywhere, and I resigned myself to the idea that this perennially special week in the month of June would simply pass like so many others.  The idea that I would even think "Virtual Music Mission" was as foreign as that time I said the words "Don't lick the TV" to one of my children.  I just never expected to string those words together in that way is all.

But then I started wondering about the purpose of the mission in the first place--the why of our journeys of yore.  It has always been about connection and becoming conduits of the love of Christ while we connect with each other in a shared experience.

I wasn't convinced the youth would buy into it.  So on a zoom call a couple of weeks ago I asked them.  Nearly every person on that call committed to participate and began offering ideas for how to make it successful.  So I pushed the idea to the whole youth choir, and more than half of them signed up.

I should have had more faith in them.

Back in March, teachers turned their entire educational model on a dime.  In a period of days they went from teaching in a classroom to teaching through a computer.  This was traumatic for them, and difficult practically and emotionally.  But they did it.  And if they could pull that off, surely I could figure out how to make a single week work.

I began by asking the youth what the most important parts of music mission are.  After that, I started thinking through how to make those things happen with integrity and authenticity.  Starting on June 7, we'll figure out how I did.

One of the things the youth said I should make happen is this blog.  I don't know how engaging it will be, but I told them I'd do it.  Only one post a day, though, because I hope I don't need to let the parents know of our safe arrival each day!

Wish us luck!  We're venturing into the unknown from the relative comfort of our own home...

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