Monday, June 8, 2020

Virtual Music Mission Day 2: Monday

If you've followed one of these blogs before, you know the last thing that happens on any given day is that we put a piece of tape across the doors of the youth rooms.  If they leave the room, the tape is broken, and there is no way to replace it.  The penalty for broken tape is that everyone in the room is sent home.

Virtual Music Mission works a little bit differently.  Obviously taping their doors is problematic, and sending them home isn't much of a threat.  AND YET...  Last night this happened.

Happy to report that this morning when I checked, the tape on this room was not broken, so the youth in this room was not sent home!

Another common feature of the music blog is the do-it-yourself waffles I always make at the Hampton Inn breakfast bar.  Look, y'all.  This is a full week of waffles every morning.  Just because this mission is virtual doesn't mean the waffles have to be!

And, just in case you're wondering, that right there is an award winning Churro Waffle, voted best waffle at the waffle-off!  (Actually, if you look closely, you'll see it's a double stack of said Churro Waffles.  Mmm.  Heavens, they're tasty.

I will say, though, that these waffles are even more do-it-yourself than those at Hampton Inn...

I also went on something of an errand today...a delivery.  Our Virtual Music Mission does not require the use of a bus, but it absolutely requires a bus driver!  So I met up with Mark to give him his shirt and take the always-mandatory picture of our driver...

Mark's part of the family.  We weren't doing this without him.

Tonight we gathered again.  We started out by talking about our concerts.  It seems the concert has been viewed more than 450 times, which means our audience has already surpassed the number of people we typically see live.  And they are all over the place.  People have written us from other states--and one even wrote from Slovakia--to let us know the enjoyed the concert and, more importantly, to tell us a little about themselves.

This really is what the youth like most about their days when we travel.  They like getting to meet people and talk with them.  They really appreciate the people who have taken the time to write to them.  Today we saw a great picture, a video, and heard several emails, all of which were very encouraging!

After that, we played a game where the chaperones told stories about tours from years past, and the youth had to vote on whether the stories were true.  The chaperone who fooled the most youth (on average), would be rewarded with a donut delivery.  What a fun stroll down memory lane!  Even the stories that weren't true were usually at least grounded in the truth.  It was fun to revisit some of those.  I do find myself wondering what stories will come out of this music mission.  Or if maybe the mission itself will be the story.

Taylor won.  He fooled more than half of the youth with every story.  I'll let you decide if that's a good thing!

We took a few minutes to talk about writing good letters.  Thank you letters, mostly, but I tried to show them how to use a written letter to connect with someone.  Tomorrow they'll start writing.

Then we split into rooms.  You can tell Zoom fatigue is real.  It's pushing 3 hours by the time I get to the last couple of rooms...and you can feel it.  But for the most part they will stay on until I get to their rooms to talk with them for a few minutes.  This is kindof like the time when I check them into their rooms on tour and tape their doors.  Just a minute to visit with each one, make sure they don't have any questions about the next day, and of course tell them I'm glad they came along.

We're changing the schedule over the next couple of days, but that's normal and expected for music mission, no?

We'll be livestreaming our concert on Wednesday at 7:15pm.  Hope you can join us!

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