Thursday, June 11, 2020

Virtual Music Mission Day 4: Wednesday

As happens on live music mission, the nights have been creeping longer throughout the week.  Last night several of the youth were on until 11 (and I was with some of them), so I didn't write the blog when we wrapped up.  Had an errand to run this morning, so I'm just getting to it.  Rest assured, dear hearts, that I will try very hard to get the blog for today posted tonight, our final day.

Another day, another waffle topping.  Powdered sugar for Day 4.  My mom would tell you this is how I do pancakes and waffles.  It's definitely my go-to.  Much preferred over fake syrup.  I would add here that much of the family has been benefiting from my waffle compulsion.

Wednesday was a special day for the Virtual Music Mission.  We streamed our concert live.  I showed it to the choir while it was streaming.  Unfortunately we had some technical limitations on that front, so their experience wasn't great, but it was enough to get the gist of what was going on.  If you haven't seen the concert and you'd like to, you can find it here:

After the concert Cindy offered a devotional.  She talked about our journey from more than 30 individuals into one choir, referencing Corinthians along the way.  This really resonated with me, because I took all the individual videos, one at a time, and grouped them together.  So in a very real way they went from individuals to a choir right in front of my eyes.  I heard the sound change when I added each voice to the mix.  I heard how it grew and filled out--what each person added.  What really bakes my noodle is realizing that this exact phenomenon is what happens every time we step into a room and sing together.  We just do it without thinking; we have no idea how miraculous it really is.

Several people had offered feedback about the concert, so we spent some time talking through those messages.  One person wrote us a handwritten note and then sent me a picture of the note!  I shared the picture with the choir via zoom so they could see it.  Gosh, there is something about pen and ink, isn't there?  Time intensive and personal.

Following the sharing time, we had a wonderful virtual tour of St. Louis.  Katie (superstar senior, choir president, and all around wonderful person) put together several videos of important sights and places in Saint Louis as well as doing some research on the details of those places.  It was, in some respect, a reminder of what we were missing.  But it also took us there.  And in some cases it allowed us to see and experience things we wouldn't have been able to see due to time or financial constraints (or because, in one case, it was an exhibit that closed two years ago but was just so awesome we had to see it!).  Great job, Katie!

When the virtual tour was over we started writing letters.  I'm frustrated that I can't read their notes and offer suggestions about their writing.  I'm not even sure if they are doing the writing this time around.  But I've tried very hard to create the space and invite them into it.  I know at least some of them were writing because they left their video running while they did it.

We split into rooms next, as we have been.  Instead of doing roommate groups, I randomized the groups like I did the night before.  This flexibility has proven more effective, I think.  We'll probably do it again tonight.  Nearly everyone goes to a room for a least until I drop by.  Then usually a few will leave after I leave the room.  But we have about 15 or so that will stay absolutely as long as I will leave the meeting running.  I can see there are important connections being made, even at a distance.  These connections aren't made of electrons, either.  They are durable.

In the end, this will be a memorable experience.  Maybe one of the more memorable ones.  I won't call it our finest hour or anything like that...because that wouldn't be true.  But we were dealt a garbage hand, and these youth have played it about as well as it could be played.

Our last day is Thursday...Day 5.  We have a lot in store, and I'm super excited about senior night dinner!  Then...on to homecoming Sunday!

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